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What are the skills of a park that operates small children's play equipment?

    I often receive questions from customers about setting up an indoor children's playground. A common question is whether there is an open indoor children's amusement park for the future. Yubi reminds everyone that this is not a shortcut! Then let's talk about running children's play equipment. In fact, no matter what business, business management is very embarrassing! How much you will pay, and the operation of the children's play equipment also requires your heart to operate. Here are some simple answers to this question, I hope to help some friends.

    1. Promotional activities
For special time points such as Paradise Day, Children's Day, May Day, National Day, etc., you can introduce recharge gifts, increase the level of concessions, and encourage customers to consume. In order to attract consumption. Marketing is more than just discounts, discounts, stores can also take advantage of current hotspots, current events, etc. to launch themed events and promote them in prominent locations in the store (such as shop windows, doors, etc.)

    2, equipment
There are no reference standards. In fact, for children's play equipment, we can't limit our eyes to the price of the product. For the purchase of children's play equipment, we must not only pay attention to the price of the product, in fact, quality is the core of the amusement equipment, only the quality of the product can bring business opportunities.

    3. Joint venture and cooperation
The flow of people in the park is equal to the turnover of the park. In addition to the introduction of small and medium-sized children's play equipment, in addition to the daily management and promotion activities of the park, the indoor children's park will maintain a popular and stable passenger flow. Cooperation with external organizations is especially important. For example, in partnership with maternity stores, children's clothing stores and food and beverage outlets, the impact of other stores will be used to bring in passengers, increase park popularity, and increase turnover.