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What are the exciting track-type amusement equipment?
    Nowadays, the crowd likes to find some exciting entertainment and leisure. Once you can relax, you can challenge yourself. What are the exciting orbital amusement equipment on the playground:

    1, Shenzhou UFO
Shenzhou UFO has a unique form of operation, and the advanced way of riding, the Chinese UFO's way of riding completely changed the traditional ride of the amusement machine. Lino's new Chinese flying saucer is more fashionable and unique. At runtime, the lights change at any time, and the overall look is incredibly cool. The flying saucer is rapidly moving up and down along the track of the steel frame, and it also rotates rapidly. The passengers on the Shenzhou flying saucer fly up and down, dazzling and very exciting.

    2, Flying car
Rotating speed track type amusement equipment can adjust the high and low running speed according to the age of the tourists. The cockpit running fluctuation is 80 cm, and all the cabins rotate synchronously. It can make visitors feel the free space during the ride.

    3, insect fruit block
The insect fruit block is a play equipment with a large green worm as the main body. The insect-like pulley is running dry, and the whole train is driven by two front and rear transmissions, traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling upwards, and sometimes falling rapidly, which is both entertaining, interesting and irritating.

    4, crazy flying squirrel
The crazy mouse is a vivid and flexible model of the mouse. It changes the original gray slick and thief's eyes in the shape of the mouse. It turns into a funny cartoon shape, which is deeply sought after by the size and the child.