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The importance of safety barriers for children's play equipment
    In many years of field visits, children's play equipment in many places are placed in the open air, so each child's play equipment has a guardrail that becomes the common sense of investors and consumers. Improve children's safety when playing.

    Speaking of the importance of setting up children's play equipment guardrails, you have to say why you should set up a children's play equipment guardrail. As we all know, the most important point of the role of the guardrail is the isolation function, in order to prevent the risk of the children playing equipment being too close to the equipment during the running process. Because children's play equipment products are very popular among children and children, children's self-control is relatively low, and they don't know how to prevent danger. When other tourists are playing, they will be involuntarily close to each other, which is very dangerous, so children's play equipment products The setting of the guardrail is very necessary.
    In addition, the setting of the children's play equipment guardrail also has the function of guiding the tourists into the play site. In the place where the flow of people is relatively large, the setting of the guardrail shows the necessity, and can effectively guide the tourists to enter the site according to the instructions to avoid the damage caused by the crowd. The height of the children's play equipment guardrail is generally about 1 m 2 , which can effectively prevent the dangerous situation from being overturned.

    Therefore, it is very necessary to set up guardrails for children's play equipment. Don't regret it for saving. The addition of children's play equipment guardrails can greatly improve the safety of children's play equipment, so that children can reduce the risk when playing children's play equipment.