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Large amusement equipment needs to pay attention to those matters
    The amusement park is full of amusement equipment, especially some large amusement equipment. Choosing the ideal location of the playground - the design of the venue - the selection of equipment - the acceptance equipment - the post-work, to complete the above series of processes, the playground is also faster to open. The most important thing we should pay attention to in the whole process is the acceptance equipment. What should you pay attention to when accepting large-scale amusement equipment?

    First of all: we have to check the whole, the appearance is not serious, there are no obvious bumps, there is no paint lost. Check the complete body and check each small part to see if it is complete. Regardless of whether the large, medium and small amusement equipment will have instructions, then we can make a detailed comparison of the equipment manual.

    Second: Check the installed large-scale amusement equipment to see if there is any looseness in all parts, especially the key parts. If it is found that the parts are loose, it should be promptly put forward, so that the equipment manufacturers can tighten them tightly.

    Investing in these two points, investors must pay attention when accepting large-scale amusement equipment. LINO Friendly Tip: Just bought the large amusement equipment, we need to add some lubricating oil to some friction parts, which can increase the service life of the equipment.